Wild September

Deep in pristine cover a most eerie sound is emitted. A thousand pounds of muscle is cued to invite a harem -- and stands ready to fend off all intruders. It is wild, even Wild September -- a month of madness and glory for the wapiti.

There is NOTHING like it! The call of the bull elk simply pierces everything around. Birds and insect noises in the vicinity cease. Now, if this is an observation humans can make, what is it doing to the elk themselves. Living as I do, in close proximity to their haunts, I have had numerous occasions to witness these creatures. It is as though the call comes from the brute's visceral region, but then it seems to transcend that: the call is from antiquity.

Once again I have chosen the bust for the presentation of this work. My desire was to emphasize 'the call' and so this venue seemed appropriate.

1993        7" x 7½” x 5 ¾"         Edition Size: 30 Previous