Salmon Run

Competition! It is a fact of life — no matter which life. Whose salmon is it – or was it – anyway? Perhaps there was theft, maybe frustration at another’s success — or an out maneuvering in acquiring the prize. Maybe, just maybe, the fish darted this way, not that! Luck! Could be it is just a “bear” thing we cannot grasp? .... but then, why should we?

In Salmon Run my purpose was many-pronged, and lightly, too. The thrill of a chase, the euphoria of success in the face of challenge of a different sort, even the humor (one-sided though it is) that can be found: all were part of my try. Personal Perspective gets involved here —- like a many sided coin. Meanwhile, the salmon run, the bears fish and may it always be.

2001         17” x 6” x 7"         Edition Size: 20 Next Previous