Last Look

A piece out of time, and curiously, out of another of my works, “Last Look” watches wistfully back along his trail. Perhaps, with all the controversy surrounding the wolf, it is best to see what might be “catching up”. As the pre-eminent predator and protector, we humans occupy a curious niche. Let us leave a core of wilderness for all who follow, and in that line of thought, the wolf is a wondrous gift to receive and to pass forward to others.

The image in “Last Look” is literally cut from another of my works because it could endure singularly. On occasion, the artist will create a work that can take on more in aspects of presentation. This is what occurred. At first, I was perplexed, but then I observed that both works, “Ancient Trail” and “Last Look” could stand apart on their own merits.

2002         10" W 8 ¼" H 6 ¼" D         Edition Size: 15

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