Butterfly Crown

  1. bust of a girl with butterfly in her hair

In a series that I have called “Mariposa”, I have touched on the interplay of children and butterflies. At a point in the midst of working that theme and its varied expressions, I created a small bust and it has waited patiently for me to make it move from sketch stage to bronze. Years later, meet “Butterfly Crown”.

Taken from an incident when one of my young children found himself “face to feet” with a swallowtail on his cheek, I have moved the image to that of a young girl with her winged visitor a bit more elevated. Where does it all begin, and grow, changing along the way? How sad to grow old without the magic of first, or special, encounters. Memory is made for that, and, my ... how we enhance it!

2003         1 ¾" W 3 ½" H 1 ¾" D         Edition Size: 60

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