The Thicket's Secret

  1. otters swimming up through clear table top

Rare!! That's a generous term describing the encounters I've had with wild newborn fawns. Those few experiences were magical to say the least. Secreted by the doe, fawns hold tight, often in the thickest cover. The hope is that they will be passed by unnoticed . . . and I'm sure they are.

In this work I wanted to touch upon their softness, their quietness. There is an excitement for me in bringing these 'newborns' to your view. The habits of deer are such that the very young are seldom seen, unless we know how and where to look.

I recall being startled in such discovery, only inches away. Thoughtlessly, I touched a head: no major movement, a shudder, a tightening of eyelids -- almost a sculpture right there. I moved on as I should have first done.

1998         18” x 10½” x 16"         Edition Size: 25