The Prelude

  1. otters swimming up through clear table top

The Salmon River, as it courses through Idaho, is home to the river otter. Here, as a summertime river guide, I was treated to numerous sightings of one of nature’s most playful creatures.

Sightings occurred on most journeys; sometimes just one or two otters, but as many as seven. “The Prelude” came as a title and can have many suggestions, but for me, otters mean the beginning of fun; raw, wild, social, almost laughing and always laughable. This is serious play!

The otter has long held fascination for me, but it is a frequent theme in wildlife art. How could I do more or differently from other sculptors? I pondered this question for some time. The answer was “glass”, used in a very different way to yield this rare composition. Using glass I am able to create the illusions of water and depth, yet not interfere with the sculptural aspect of the work.

1998         24” X 29” X 20"         Edition Size: 15

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