Springs Flight

  1. girl dancing

It has been called a ballerina, a dancer, but neither of these was in my mind as I composed. I began in the spring and the work was to be my first bronze for sale: it was a new Flight for me and it occurred in the SPRING. Pretty simple for me! However, I must admit there is a dance gesture partly because the season itself seems so light and airy. As I look back I think I see more frustration in this piece than in any in the years that followed. There were many changes, many doubts, not just a little trepidation. It was 1988 and a new beginning ... a new spring.

I used several models; different daughters for female anatomy, and a son who was strong enough to hold the pose for skeletal articulation.

1988        10" x 15½” x 8"         Edition Size: 15

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