Soft Encounter

  1. girl with butterflies

Magic is where the mind will find it. Our relationship to our surroundings is all we make of it. Here, in a Soft Encounter an unlikely but real episode of nature occurs. One of the "Mariposa" series, she holds: quiet, breathless, letting short moments become long.

To understand the full origins of this work, and the other members of the Mariposa series, you'd have to come with me into the late 1970's. After hunting, my boys and I would capture butterflies, bring them home and release them in the house. A couple of younger children, somehow afraid of insects, found no panic while handling these. The butterflies would tire and could be handled at ease; sometimes they would fly then land on the children. With rare exceptions, they were given their freedom. Isn't it strange that we often accept the bright, beautifully wrapped gift when it really is not much different from the common things we reject, or even fear? It is through one wonder that we can learn of another.

1996        7" x 10½“ x 7"         Edition Size: 15

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