Fly Away Home

  1. girl with butterflies

Included in the "Mariposa" series, she's been about the meadow, carefully catching and retaining the color and the thrill, now releasing them all to enjoy again.

If they live in the suburbs or the country somehow insect-collecting occupies a time in the lives of children. Butterflies are among the most eagerly sought. Is it size, color, flight attitudes, or ease with which they are captured? Maybe a combination of these propels the youthful hunter.

“Fly Away Home” is an attempt to share the joy of getting in touch with some elusive form of wildlife. We don't have to touch, capture, or kill -- but somewhere we do it. Afterward we find ourselves releasing or preserving the moment, the quest. The three parts of the relationship are found in the series; the discovery, the contact, and the release . . . catch and release, if you will, and hold the moment close to your heart.

1997        9 ¾” x 12 ¾” x 8½”         Edition Size: 15

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