Fence Kids

  1. girl with butterflies

There are tender moments, the effects of which last for a lifetime. Respect, trust, honor, small and large considerations, any number of worthwhile personal interactions, are cherish-able and ought never to be relinquished. These are events upon which we build ourselves and others.

“Fence Kids” started with the consideration of simple courtesy: the helping hand. It seems to speak to greater ends. Is it only a chivalrous act, a “puppy love”, a deep and lasting caring? Perhaps you read more into it.

The setting is western, the fence an obstacle or an opportunity.... a roughness, a challenge, a point that is elevated in our minds. Boy and girl; they are different but their attire expresses a unity. There is interaction, a caring. Perhaps, that is what counts above all.

2002        17” X 21½” X 13"         Edition Size: 20

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