Butterfly Morning

  1. girl with butterflies

Have you had “those times” when things in the world around us become our playthings? Maybe it’s a “Butterfly Morning”, a Papillion-filled moment of winged wonder. Part of the “Mariposa” series, she finds herself surrounded in discovery and acceptance.

Butterflies can fill the mind! They are spectacular and so near. On more than one occasion our family found itself in the middle of a butterfly explosion. Hundreds emerged over a period of a couple days right in our yard. All of us kids (my wife and I included) thrilled at the number and proximity. The first few moments of flight seemed to exhaust these beauties and anyplace (anyone?) was fair for landing. Little children could outgrow the hesitation of being around “bugs” while enthralled by these “flowers-in-flight”.

1996        5 ¼” x 11 ½” x 6 ½”         Edition Size: 15

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