The Spirit Within

  1. pic of bird in bronze

Common to Native American tribes was the use of totems among the warriors. The conscious implementation of observed animal behavior was part of the learning of youth.... part survival, part attaining an oneness with a great wild creature. The spirit of the animal is embodied in man. All this was reflected in song, lore, and dance.

In “The Spirit Within”, I have chosen to openly illustrate physical aspects of the eagle, a Great Spirit totem, as the dominant form. A portion of this form is cut away, revealing the warrior in the internal silhouette. Perhaps this is not such a strange concept mentally, although the view is very unusual. One is left to consider: In Nature, is some essence of man within the animal form, or is the converse true?

1999        7 ½" X 10" X 7 ½"         Edition Size: 15

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