Genesis of a Thunderbolt

  1. pic of bird in bronze

From towering heights the Peregrine fixes upon its quarry. At the apex of its search it rolls, the “Genesis of a Thunderbolt”, then plummets to strike. Nothing like it exists - - this, a true one-of-a-kind in the natural world.

An acquaintance, a professor of ornithology, had several falcons, one a peregrine. Photos and study-skins helped in the formation of this bird. The real impetus for "Genesis" came from two sources: a photo of a hen prairie falcon as it attacked the camera at close range; and the observation of the falcon as it begins its “stoop”. Rising to great height, perhaps to maximize its dive, the falcon pitches over in flight and drives downward. In this work I have attempted to catch that instant between the apex of climb and descent. The under-story can be cloud or sheer rock wall as you choose.

1992        10” x 26½“ x 9"         Edition Size: 15

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