1. pic of bird in bronze

Standards rise and fade but none have endured as has the eagle. Proud, wise, resolute, seizing opportunity as it is presented, it is the Emblem of many states and institutions; the emblem of my country.

Another bust! The eagle is likely the most oft-used subject in animal art. There are so many interpretations. Its association with power and pride may be more contrived than real but it is a remarkable bird at the very least. I have been fortunate to see both bald and golden close at hand, even performing taxidermy on a bald eagle donated to a school by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. In this piece I was trying for a strong sense of realism, though, once again I chose to absent the eye and let the eye region speak its own expression. The cantilever aspect provides both a protective and an aggressive attitude, neither being lost in personal interpretations evoked by eagles.

1992         8½” x 11½” x 8 ¼"         Edition Size: 15