1. pic of bird in bronze

At rest! The urgency of pairing and the journey of spring migration are finished. There is unity of purpose here, devotion to nature's promptings. Tranquil is a time and a response

Wood Ducks again! This is such a different species; in color, call, habits, even its flight is easy to distinguish. Working small as I often do, I wanted to scale up but also depart from the traditional "see-the-whole-subject" approach. We see the bust presentation used widely for humans and occasionally for other animals; why not for birds?

It is a simple composition and I felt it was a challenge to see where it would go. From a whole series of sketches of a variety of waterfowl, only this one has traveled to its final form in bronze

1990         5½“ x 6½“ x 4 ¾"         Edition Size: 40

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