1. pic of bird in bronze

After the courtship battles and parading comes the realization: You are mine; I am yours -- we shall build on what we have. The Overture is a prelude to continuance, to nature and its laws.

The grace and elegance of swans have evoked art, visual and literary, for centuries. I chose the Trumpeter after several encounters at close range while back-packing into a remote corner of Yellowstone. Though I had seen these in other locations it was here that I witnessed the contention among the males and the courtship rituals of several pairs of swans. The sculpture is quite accurate in attitude of my most vivid recollection. It was also the first in which I used the 'empty eye' look, suggesting that it is the eyelid and the surrounding musculature which gives the greatest expression to the eye region.

1991         15 ¼” x 10 1/8" h x 10½”         Edition Size: 20

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