Marsh Dancer

  1. pic of bird in bronze

“Marsh Dancer” represents the indecisiveness of a lone duck as it cavorts from hole to hole, taking time to visit, but not staying long. Is it restless at the spring mating time, or is it searching for fellow travelers on autumn’s long trek? Still, he dances.

This piece had its origins decades ago, not at any one time or in any one place. Recollections drifted in to me on numerous occasions -- the visual impressions of one, or more, ducks playing with the decision of where to land. If more than one "good" spot beckoned it was not unusual for the fowl to seemingly commit to one then, sometimes hailed by resting birds, to another location, shift focus and move to the next ... perhaps several times. It seemed a dance to me, and so it was natural for me to name it thus. The general composition was used for my experimental "first" bronze and this passed through two forms before arriving at its final form.

1989         5" x 7” x 3 ¼"         Edition Size: 25

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