Beckoned North

  1. pic of bird in bronze

Spring! The pair is complete... and the urge is on... to find a home, the nesting sight.

The understory of the birds suggests water to some observers, trees or brush to others. Even casual observation shows the connection of this structure to that in “Marsh Dancer” and “Drifting In”. The sculpture was created as a composition companion to both of these, but more, it was an attempt to respond to that great urge that moves so many life forms to long treks which culminate in the renewal of species. For all that we humans know, how is it that here lies mystery, the solution to which we can only suggest. We experience no such beckoning, but we can rejoice that nature's way makes it all possible.

1989         6 ¾” x 9" x 5 ¾"         Edition Size: 25

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