Avocet Dawn

  1. pic of bird in bronze

The mists rise from swamps as life bustles forth on a new day. The avocet stirs slightly, ready to labor in its peculiar niche. Work to do, survival its reward, while we are permitted observance of beauty.

You have to go to the marsh edge to see this bird. Avocets and Black-necked Stilts are the only recurvidae family members on the North American Continent. The form is elegant and in every gesture the bird is a work of beauty.

So, out came this composition; a play on restful attentiveness, if you will. I wanted to bring out the form essentially unencumbered by action or scenery. The one-legged resting posture was impractical without some additional support. Hence, the grasses, but, more, I brought some marsh color into the WHOLE piece, rather than use the colors of the bird itself.

1997         12 ¼" x 12½” x 11"         Edition Size: 15